Pieces to Peace

Shed a tear thinking how painful this life is,
wondering if anyone’s life is a pure Bliss.
Mind being full of negative thoughts,
trying to be happy but failing to connect the dots.

Keeping a smiling face for people who pass by,
as no one can know the reason of my cry
Everyone is fighting with their own battles
from a secondary school geek to the Hulk guy.

The least we could do is have compassion for everyone,
if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.
Dalai Lama says it, and that is what should be done.
Getting rid of the overthinking because God knows what’s to come,
The Creator understands and never forgets anyone
So have patience darling, your time will come.

Keeping your mind at peace and being thankful is the key
while strongly facing the challenges and swinging like a bee
Because if it costs you your peace it’s too expensive
For, life, is a one time opportunity, to live it with regrets!
~ Rubzy’s Sureban.


Millennials Minimalism

We live in a World where who you are doesn’t matter
unless you show it off,
For a guy, if a girl is not seen in a Burberry its a huge turn off.
Gucci or Chanel she should carry to create a vibe that’s sophisticated,
All them brands mark up the value of a girl, if not, she’s outdated.

Guys should drive Audi wearing branded shades,
Who cares how much they scored in their 10th grade.
Rolex in hand, Hermes on waist,
Sprinkling One Million, all running one race.

Please explain these millennial the original goal,
They be looking rich instead of being rich.
Spending $280 on a bag to keep $20 in it is not how you should roll,
Spend $20 on a bag to keep inside the rest of your payroll.
Foremost is having a pretty heart and a pretty soul,
Doesn’t matter how thick is your bankroll.

What happened to the days when bare necessities
would keep us satisfied
No comparison, differentiation or Jealousy,
but appreciation worldwide.

I don’t wanna live in a place where people value things
more than the personality,
It makes me sick watching everyone
follow the same witless mentality.
~Rubzy Bhimani.

My Light

Life is made of problems, some of us face it everyday,
Some try to keep it at bay.
Things can get rough at any time of the day,
What matters is what you search for when you go astray.

Our soul tries to search for love, for care,
for that light from an angel,
While going through Life’s awful struggles.

Relationship breakups are hard as we all know,
Healing from any type of pain works a lil slow.
Betrayal from friends can be harmful,
It’ll shake you, it’ll break you
But nobody would stand as blameful.

They say there’s Sunrise after every Sunset,
But who stays by your side through the Darkness?
When you’re looking for that angelic soul in your life,
All you gotta do is turn around and watch her throwing light.

As bible says she’s clothed with strength and Dignity
She can laugh at the days to come
I would say such significant entity,
Takes nine months, sometimes forever to become.

Who’s heart beats on my WhatsApp’s last seen
the purest form of love I’ve ever seen.
Who works 24/7 without any personal income,
As a Doctor, Teacher, Housekeeper, Chef and an Accountant
that without hesitation we call Mum.
~Rubzy Bhimani.

Unsolved yet Absolved

I still remember the day
I still remember the way I used to be,
Until you came to me.

My first few days in a new country,
FoB would they call me just as bluntly.
Settling in, figuring out, managing tasks was my life that time,
in all the chaos I thought I found my lucky dime.

Out of nowhere I saw someone walking in,
So charming, could make my whole world spin.
Being one of the popular guys you had much confidence,
But still self conscious enough to fix your hair to look less tensed.

You started a conversation with my friend but had your eyes on me,
Smiling, blushing, running your fingers through your hair trying to act all carefree.

Spending that particular hour with you everyday had become a routine, a new pattern
Which I never wanted to eliminate.
God only knew what was my exact state,
Because I would make the whole wide world wait,
Just to go with you on a single date.

Congratulations, you were successful in making me fall for you,
But dumb enough to ask me ‘How do I let you know I’m into you?’
You were the reason for my daydreams, I’d spend my nights thinking about you,
Little did I know all the feelings would fade away just like the wind blew.

Our daily favorite hour turned into weekly,
That’s when I realized I’m losing you gradually.
200 days of texting, 365 favorite hours, seventeen months of connection just dissolved,
Leaving me devastated, shattered with a mystery unsolved.
~Rubzy Bhimani.